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IT services

Products developed for educational purposes have to be built to cater to a wider range of end-users than just a particular age group or social order. For example, an educational website will be used by students of different ages, parents of different socio-economic backgrounds or by teachers dealing with different subject-matters who virtually have unique expectations from the application.

Besides, these application have to be made extremely user-friendly. Otherwise, users end up spending more time in learning how to use the application and this results in the application losing its value as an educational tool.

At RDS, we perfectly understand this. Therefore, the applications we have developed for our clients in this domain complement the mainstream purpose unlike many "educational" applications that defeat the purpose.

With years of experience in dealing with pioneer organizations in this domain like eChalk, we have acquired the ability to fathom and satisfy the expectations of even the most unreasonable end-users amongst your target audience. That, in-short, means the complete success of your application.

In the person-years of work we have completed in this domain, our team has virtually remained unchanged over years in terms of the people involved. This, hence, gives us the confidence to call ourself a specialist in this domain. Any problems or complications you can imagine in educational applications, we have been through them and solved them too.

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