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Products developed by RDS

The accolades we have been receiving from our clients lead us to venture into PRODUCT-BASED markets in various domains. Being staunch believers of quality than quantity, after due consideration, with help and acumen from domain experts - both internal and external, we have developed and launched three products in different domains. These products have been doing extremely well in their respective markets. The success of these products is partly derived from one of the initial goals we had set - extensive market research and requirement analysis from the end-users' perspective unlike similar providers who develop a utility and expect the user to adapt to it.

What to expect from our products?

Easy and inexpensive setup and maintenance: Our products are designed and developed such that they seamlessly integrate with the exsiting infrastructure of your organization. Hence, after your initial purchase, little or no money is spent on the setup and maintenance with very minimal modifications to your existing infrastructure.

User Friendliness: Our development teams work around the clock to program foolproof cutting-edge functionalities that are hidden behind the surprisingly simple-to-use interfaces. We understand that these programs become a part of your workstations and hence make them visually pleasing too.

Customizability: From our years of experience in software development, we understand that "Companies in the same domain/business do not necessarily have the same requirements". As a result, we build our applications such that they can be customized to specific organizations to cater to specific needs.

Reliability and Security: We understand that information is the nucleus of the IT industry and make sure that our applications complement your organizational goals in protecting the integrity of your data. With assistance from our Quality Assurance teams, we ensure that the application comes to you without any compromises in both functionality and security.

Scalability: With evolving organizational procedures, structures and super-fast expansions, we design our applications such that they remain robust with growing organization's size.

Efficiency: Our applications ensure best-in-class efficiency in terms of time, cost and resources


Underwriting and rating, the heart-line of any company in the insurance business is perhaps the most complicated part of the business process as a whole. Our effort to develop a best-in-class information management solution has resulted in Smartwriter, a complete underwriting and rating package... read more

  Loss Control System

Today’s Loss control managers would like to have precise data on amount of losses "the Loss prevention department" could prevent. They prefer their budget to be based on loss prevention potential. In addition they are looking for an intelligent system that selects policy holders for service based on loss prevention potential apart from improving the workflow of the...read more


PULSE is a data maintenance system that facilitates effective management of data pertaining to patients and hospital personnel (mainly doctors). With a very straightforward and simple user-interface, this provides doctors with a...read more


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