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PULSE is a data maintenance system that facilitates effective management of data pertaining to patients and hospital personnel (mainly doctors). With a very straightforward and simple user-interface, this provides doctors with a very powerful data management system which does not require any special training to start using the product.

PULSE can be used across hospitals of different scales. Instead of overloading it with a lot of modules that are of minimal or no use, we chose to address the two most important modules that often get out of control i.e. Patient Management and Scheduling.

Patient Management:
This module mainly deals with recording and processing patient information pertaining to the patient’s visits i.e. initial health-related information of the patient and his/her progress with the following visits. This module boasts a built-in transcription engine which generates transcription documents based on the collected patient information. This transcription engine allows creation of transcripts for individual as well as collective transcription wherein transcripts can be generated for all the patients collectively on a daily basis at a convenient time set by the user.

This module mainly deals with data pertaining to availability based allotment of doctors to patients and similar information. Outlook synchronization is one of the many features of this module worth mentioning. This allows doctors to view their appointments in a disconnected mode i.e. even when they are not connected to their hospital network.

Features of PULSE

  • Semi-web-based and semi-windows-based user interfaces
  • Role based segregation of access to functionalities
  • Surprisingly simple userinterface
  • Allows easy and quick addition of resources (i.e. personnel, facilities, etc)
  • Allows quick changes to almost all the data managed by the system
  • Allows synchronization of all appointments with Microsoft Outlook
  • Transcriptions made available in a mouse-click
  • Allows bulk transcriptions on a daily basis
  • More than adequate security

This module allows management of data pertaining to Doctors and support resources who participate in the medical procedures. Various details like availability, specializations and similar information can be maintained through the resource management system. Though a sub-system of Scheduling module, the resource management system available in PULSE is as efficient as similar systems that are sold as separate packages with heavy price-tags.

Technical features:

  • Optimally split web and windows based application built on the robust .NET 3.5 framework
  • Works on MySQL 5.x backend
  • Foolproofed and tested Security provisions
  • Scalable to a great degree with little modifications to the infrastructure

For a demo

Call (973)795-9003 or write an email to matt.lepkowski@rightdecisionsystems.com for a demo. Then we can discuss the exclusive options you have and the approximate costs involved based on your organization's needs, procedures, technological environment and resources. All such discussions shall be held highly confidential and, of course, do not obligate you.

Then based on your interest, a detailed proposal covering the price and schedule of deliverables including customizations shall be planned for you.


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