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Underwriting and rating, the heart-line of any company in the insurance business is perhaps the most complicated part of the business process as a whole. These processes normally involve:

  • A lot of pen, paper and calculator
  • Spreadsheets with very many complicated formulae
  • Occasionally, patchwork of technologies – old and new
  • support from a herd of programmers

Rather than being tools to facilitate easier workflow, these factors contribute to complicating the already complicated process further.

We aimed at simplifying this process to data-entry and a few mouse-clicks and hence, the product Smartwriter, a FULLY AUTOMATED UNDERWRITING AND RATING tool.

Factors that make Smartwriter rating and underwriting suite an effective tool:

Zero workarounds:
After the application is configured, all that it needs is the initial data to process the workflow. Then, on a mouse-click, the result is presented to you. It provides a very-simple straight forward way of obtaining your quotes.
Single Data-entry point:
Double or triple data-entry (i.e. processing some data and having to enter the results in another page for further data processing) is one of the most common sources of human-errors. To avoid these errors and to make the process more user-friendly, Smartwriter eliminates the need for re-entry of semi-processed data at various levels.
Quick response:
Your underwriters can now create policies faster and provide the brokers and end customers with premium indications in minutes. This facilitates processing more requests and better customer service too.

Features of Smartwriter

  • Completely web-based
  • Line of Business customizability
  • Product based customizability
  • Allows creation of complex rating rules and underwriting logic without programming expertise
  • Allows quick rate change implementations
  • Allows rate table imports from Microsoft Excel
  • Seamless integration with policy and claims administration systems of your choice
  • Versioning of Rates & Rules
  • Seamless integration with industry standard formats like ACORD
  • Allows various file operations like Print and Save on Reports and Documents generated by the application
  • Renewals & Automated Renewal Alerts
  • Support for Out of Sequence endorsements
  • Tier/Referral System
  • More than adequate security

Technical features:

  • Runs on the latest technology using .NET framework 3.5
  • Easily scalable with the growing organizational structure
  • Easy and inexpensive setup and maintenance

For a demo

Call (973)795-9003 or write an email to matt.lepkowski@rightdecisionsystems.com for a demo. Then we can discuss the exclusive options you have and the approximate costs involved based on your organization's needs, procedures, technological environment and resources. All such discussions shall be held highly confidential and, of course, do not obligate you.

Then based on your interest, a detailed proposal covering the price and schedule of deliverables including customizations shall be planned for you.


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