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Services Portfolio

We offer a wide range of services which include enterprise level, mission critical applications in insurance and finance domains, off-campus learning tools and school management systems in education domain and tailor-made hospital management systems, CRMs and patient management systems in the healthcare domain that are easily customizable across hospitals of various scales.

Apart from the domains mentioned above, thanks to the versatility of our development teams in terms of both technology and business knowledge, our general IT services have showcased excellence against current market benchmarks. With our adept quality assurance teams in place, we ensure that all our services are rendered to you with utmost infallibility and efficiency.


We help Insurance firms create, distribute and administer new insurance products at market speeds, reduce costs of ownership and provide better customer service. RDS has an in-depth understanding of the insurance industry, with over 7 years of experience in providing solutions to industry leaders. Our insurance practice has... read more


Products developed for educational purposes have to be built to cater to a wider range of end-users than just a particular age group or social order. For example, an educational website will be used by students of different ages, parents of different socio-economic backgrounds or by teachers dealing with different subject-matters who virtually have unique expectations from the application. At RDS, we perfectly understand this...read more


We have inferred from our past experiences that this domain has to be dealt with special emphasis to certain parameters. Besides providing affordable foolproof applications, scalability, security (& privacy) and compliance are few such parame... read more

  General IT services

Architecting and implementing a highly effective IT applications infrastructure and integrating business processes can mean the difference in gaining a competitive advantage in today’s challenging business climate. Whether it is for IT enabled serv.... read more


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